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How does workers’ comp provide vocational rehabilitation?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

The severity of a workplace injury can vary. Sometimes treatment and a recovery period are enough to help someone return to work. But you might wonder what could happen if your injury is severe enough that you cannot go back to your old job. This is where vocational rehabilitation may be critical to you.

If your workplace injury results in some kind of disability, you should not have to worry about finding a new job without assistance. The state workers’ compensation program includes provisions to help workers find a job that they can handle given their injuries.

Forms of vocational rehabilitation

The state of Illinois explains that vocational rehabilitation may take many forms. You may be in fine shape to take a new job but you do not know how to look for one. The state workers’ comp program offers assistance that includes counseling to look for a job or overseeing a job search program for you.

However, you might need new job skills to take on a well-paying job. If your old job required physical labor but you now have a disability, you may need to work somewhere like an office that does not require a lot of motion. If so, the state workers’ comp program may provide you vocational training, which may involve education at a college or other accredited learning facility.

Paying for your rehabilitation

According to Illinois law, your employer must pay for your vocational rehabilitation. This includes training and instruction needed to rehabilitate you mentally and physically to seek a new job. Your employer must cover your maintenance expenses and other incidental costs.

State law describes your vocational rehabilitation program as reasonable, so there may be some limits to what you can receive. Still, you do have choices available to you. You may allow your employer to choose a provider of your vocational rehabilitation services or you may select a provider to assist you.