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When a car crash results in catastrophic burns

At Soffietti, Johnson, Teegen, Argueta, & Bawcum, Ltd., in Illinois, many of our clients have suffered grievous injuries as the result of motor vehicle crashes. Consequently, we know that one of the most catastrophic injuries you can suffer in a car crash is that of extensive burns. Burns can put you in the hospital for months as you undergo painful debridement and skin grafts to minimize the disfiguring scarring that burns usually cause. In fact, serious burns can leave you disfigured for life.

The American Burn Association reports that you can receive the following four distinct types of burns in a fiery car crash:

  1. Scald burns resulting from your body coming into contact with a hot liquid such as gasoline or even spilled coffee
  2. Chemical burns resulting from your body coming into contact with a caustic or corrosive substance such as transmission fluid, antifreeze, etc.
  3. Thermal burns resulting from your body coming into contact with the flames of the fire itself or with one of the interior surfaces of your vehicle that has become hot enough to burn you
  4. Electrical burns resulting from your body coming into contact with a live electrical wire, be it in your car or hanging from a downed power line

Options when your spouse wants to keep the house

For divorcing couples in Illinois, the process of splitting up their marital assets and debts can be quite complicated. Many couples find that their family home is not only their single most valuable asset but it is also one that elicits a lot of emotion due to the memories attached to it. It is not uncommon for one spouse, often the wife, to want to keep a home after a divorce. Despite this desire, many people end up selling their homes when they get divorced.

One reason that selling a home in a divorce is so common may be the challenge associated with the home's mortgage. As explained by The Mortgage Reports, even if a divorce decree stipulates that one spouse will be responsible for the home and the mortgage payments, both people can be considered liable for the debt in the eyes of the bank if the original joint mortgage remains in effect. 

Field sobriety test accuracy rates

Anyone in Illinois who has been charged with a driving under the influence offense might wonder how in the world they might defend themselves against the charge. One of the things that every driver should know is that the tests used by officers before an arrest is made are not completely accurate. 

As explained by, the three roadside tests called the field sobriety tests are not able to prove that you are drunk. All that these tests can do is show that you might be drunk. If you are said to have failed these tests, then a police officer has the legal support needed to place you under arrest and charge you with suspected drunk driving.

Falling may be more dangerous than you realize

When you run errands, visit friends or attend a community event, there is nearly always an element of danger involved. Although, many times, these potential risks remain unnoticed until they cause a problem.

However, often due to someone’s negligence, slip-and-fall accidents are more typical than you might realize. And slip-and-fall lawsuits are not uncommon, as serious injuries can result. But do you know what kind of injuries you could sustain?

Can a car accident paralyze you?

As an Illinois driver, no one need tell you that motor vehicle accidents occur all to frequently in our state. Many of them can result in catastrophic injuries. One of the most devastating injuries you could suffer in a car crash is a spinal cord injury that could paralyze you and put you in a wheelchair for the remainder of your life.

Your spine, spinal cord and the nerves that emanate from it control all the movements your body makes, both voluntarily and involuntarily. In addition, it controls the sensations the various parts of your body feel, such as touch, heat, cold, pain, etc.

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