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Motorcycle accident injuries and permanent immobility

Traffic crashes of any kind can be perilous, and victims may suffer in countless ways after the collision. This is especially true for motorcyclists, who may be ejected from their motorcycle or hit at high speeds by much larger vehicles. If you were recently involved in a motorcycle wreck, you may be dealing with a multitude of challenges from a mental, physical and financial point of view. Depending on the injuries you sustained in the wreck, it may take months for you to recover. Or, you may struggle with physical hardships that will last for the rest of your life, such as permanent immobility.

Workers’ compensation: An overview

Life comes with unavoidable risks. Every day we face potential injury doing even the simplest things. Crossing the street, riding the bus, even cooking can be a risk. But if you’re injured at work, there are laws designed to protect your livelihood and minimize risk.

When a car crash results in catastrophic burns

At Soffietti, Johnson, Teegen, Argueta, & Bawcum, Ltd., in Illinois, many of our clients have suffered grievous injuries as the result of motor vehicle crashes. Consequently, we know that one of the most catastrophic injuries you can suffer in a car crash is that of extensive burns. Burns can put you in the hospital for months as you undergo painful debridement and skin grafts to minimize the disfiguring scarring that burns usually cause. In fact, serious burns can leave you disfigured for life.

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