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How much does car insurance increase with an Illinois DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Traffic Offenses And DUI

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your Illinois drunk driving arrest, you should expect your finances to take a hit if that arrest results in a conviction. You may have to spend thousands of dollars paying fines related to the offense, for starters. Then, you may have to finance other expenses relating to your arrest, such as bail, towing or impound fees, among others. While such expenses take a serious financial toll, your conviction for driving under the influence also has a major impact on your insurance rates. 

Per NerdWallet, virtually all U.S. drivers watch their insurance rates rise after a drunk driving conviction, regardless of what state they live in. How much of a rate hike should you plan to see as a resident of Illinois? 

A sharp increase

If you had full-coverage insurance on your car, truck or van prior to your drunk driving arrest and were a relatively decent driver, you may have paid close to the state’s average annual insurance rate, which is about $1,163 a year. Once you have that conviction in your driving history, though, your annual premium should inch closer to $1,888, which amounts to an annual difference of $725. 

Differing offers

You may also find that major disparities exist when it comes to the rates insurance companies offer you after a drunk driving conviction. You may also find that the insurer that offered you the most favorable rate before your arrest no longer does so once you have a DUI conviction. 

Because different insurers may make you different offers in the wake of an Illinois DUI, you may want to secure quotes from several of them before signing on with one in particular.