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Why are young retail workers at risk for slip-and-fall injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Personal Injury

While elderly individuals are at an overall higher risk for slip-and-fall injuries, these types of incidents may also affect younger people who work in the retail sector. Climbing ladders, moving heavy boxes and navigating through crowded stock rooms may all cause a slip or fall, which can result in broken bones, spinal trauma and concussions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that falls from ladders are the most common cause of these types of injuries; however, there are other ways slip-and-fall accidents can happen as a young person working in retail.


Empty boxes, fixture components and inventory can clutter storage spaces and break rooms and cause you to trip and fall. A fall like this may result in a head injury if you strike furniture during the fall. Alert your supervisor to such dangers and help to keep halls and doorways clear.


Melted ice and snow or drink spills left by customers or other employees can cause you to slip and fall. Spotting spills or puddles in larger retail stores may go unnoticed, increasing the risk. Mop up spills right away and mark the area with warning signs so the wet floor does not contribute to additional slips and falls.

Electrical cords

Extension cords and those that extend from cleaning machines can catch your foot and cause you to stumble and fall. Cords that run under rugs create bumps that present a falling risk as well. Move cords out of walkways and do not leave vacuum cleaners or floor buffers plugged in when not in use.

Most falls are preventable for retail workers. A focus on safety can reduce the risk of injury.