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How can scaffolding lead to injuries on the job?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

With the variety of machines and kinds of work on a construction site, you may encounter some situations that lead to a serious injury.

Problems can happen when you work high up on scaffolds, which are platforms that allow workers to reach the sides of buildings. There are many ways that negligence from other employees and unsafe conditions can lead to neck or back trauma.

Poorly designed and built platforms

According to the American Safety Council, each scaffold needs to go through tests and checks from a competent person before any workers should climb on it. However, if your workplace neglects to do so, then the platforms may collapse once you put your full body weight on them.

Some designs that people make for scaffolds could be prone to collapsing in some circumstances, so workplaces should always follow OSHA guidelines. This includes checking for rust or holes in parts on the scaffolding.

Lack of safety gear

When you are several feet above the ground, you need to wear protective harnesses or rely on guardrails to prevent serious falls. If the fall arrest system you use cannot support at least your body weight, then it can break if you attempt to move too quickly. Workplaces that do not offer these safety measures are putting their workers in danger.

Falling items

Even a small accident while working up high can lead to neck or back injuries. If a person drops a heavy item from a few feet above you onto your head, your helmet needs to be strong enough to cover the majority of the impact.

If your workplace does not supply you with the necessary items and safety gear, then working on scaffolding can lead to injuries.