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Why are head injuries sometimes hard to detect?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

A serious hit to your head can leave you with more than just physical injuries.

In the time following an accident or vehicle crash, you may begin to notice signs of some mental or emotional issues that were not there before. A traumatic brain injury can often be hard to detect if you are not aware of the warning signs.

Behavioral changes disguised as moods

According to Psychology Today, while it is normal to feel annoyed or frustrated, a sudden increase in the amount of anger or annoyance you feel could come from a head injury. Some people struggle with intense mood swings and changes in how they act.

Risk-taking behaviors may increase and you may find that your impulse control feels weaker than it was before. What you assume is a temporary state of mind can lead to you dismissing the possibility of a traumatic brain injury.

Lack of self-awareness

You could also find it harder to concentrate or stay focused on one topic at a time while talking, which can make you feel left out of conversations. You may not know why it is suddenly harder to ask and answer questions or why people do not respond to you the same as before.

Although you may try to catch yourself doing these actions, it can be hard to tell when you say something strange. Other people in your life may even comment on these changes before you notice them yourself. Being open and honest and staying aware of common problems that happen after a brain injury can help you detect this issue.