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When are breath test devices not accurate?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Traffic Offenses And DUI

After getting pulled over by an officer, you may start to panic if the tests they give you show that you were using intoxicated while driving. These field sobriety tests range from walking in a straight line and counting to a certain number to taking breath test devices.

However, breath tests are not accurate all the time. Learning about the ways that they can give you an inaccurate reading is essential for anyone nervous about their results.

After poor fixes and repairs

According to MSN, breath tests measure the amount of alcohol a person exhales. An officer may choose to analyze your breath in order to avoid using other more invasive methods. However, this could lead to problems if a breath test breaks or needs calibration.

When officers try to fix breath tests without help instead of getting them fixed by an official source, it can cause these devices to give inaccurate readings. This means that you could get a reading that indicates you were under the influence during a traffic stop even if you never had any alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

When dealing with preexisting medical conditions

You may take medications or have medical issues that can accidentally influence the results of the breath tests. Some common substances, such as mouthwash, can also cause this problem. Ingesting or recently using these substances may skew your breath test results.

Staying aware of how readings can vary greatly depending on unrelated factors can help you if you encounter a situation where a breath test gives you an inaccurate reading.