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Why should a couple consider opting for mediation?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Divorce

Many people going into a divorce situation want to avoid spending time and money on a lengthy and stressful court battle.

Thus, alternative resolution methods have gained increasing popularity over the years. This includes mediation, an option that many may find a good alternative.

Mediation saves stress

Forbes discusses the benefits that divorce mediation bring to the table for divorcing couples. Mediation allows couples to work together to solve their disputes rather than taking their arguments to court. It gives the couple more freedom and control.

Having this control usually helps lead to a more peaceful attempt to work toward a mutually agreeable resolution, as some of the pressure gets removed from the situation.

On top of that, mediation involves the active help of a mediator, whose job is to ensure that discussions may happen without devolving into arguments and screaming matches. This is a huge relief and a major weight off the shoulders of many.

Mediation saves money and time

As mentioned, mediation allows for a couple to avoid traditional litigation. In a standard divorce that involves litigation, the couple has to go to court. It is a judge who makes the final call on all important matters like custody arrangements, spousal support payments and asset division.

Court cases take a long time to reach the bench, though, and can take days, weeks or even months depending on the complexity of it. On top of that, the attorney fee for a divorce usually reaches high numbers, costing each member a pretty penny.

This is why mediation as a means to achieve divorce serves as such an attractive option for many.