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What is the Illinois Problem Driver Pointer System?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Traffic Offenses And DUI

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the number of annual vehicle miles traveled in the state in 2022 was 103.97 billion. That is a lot of people on the roads and busy traffic situations.

As people travel the roads in Illinois, they must possess a valid driver’s license. Individuals moving to the state should make sure to secure a new license. However, for individuals who may have issues with their driving record, the Problem Driver Pointer System helps ensure they do not try to come to the state and secure a license when they already have proven in another state that they may be a dangerous driver.

The Problem Driver Pointer System explained

The Problem Driver Pointer System helps with regulating the state’s roadways. This system identifies and addresses drivers who exhibit problematic behavior behind the wheel. The PDPS is a database that provides information about drivers and their driving history. The Illinois Secretary of State is in charge of the system.

This database contains information on drivers with sanctioned privileges in other states. It allows the state to remain in compliance with the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act which requires checking the driving history of individuals from other states.

How the system works

The PDPS serves as a red flag for drivers who have significant traffic violations or have a history of reckless driving. Officials use it when a driver tries to secure a license in Illinois to check driving history records.

There is no time limit as to how far back a check will go, so individuals who have any serious driving violations will have that on their report from the PDPS. If they have an outstanding issue, the driver must resolve the issue in the proper state before they can secure a license in Illinois.

The purpose of the system

The PDPS helps to keep dangerous or reckless drivers off of Illinois roadways. It is part of a larger system across the country to hold drivers accountable and prevent them from moving to another state and continuing their destructive driving habits.


The Illinois Problem Driver Pointer System is an essential tool that allows for communication between states about driving records. It ultimately seeks to create safer roadways.