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Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents to watch out for

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

While some may find another person’s stumble humorous, physical harm is no laughing matter. Anyone can receive an injury due to slipping and falling. Recognizing the leading causes of these incidents and taking swift action helps prevent such mishaps.

Employers and homeowners alike must minimize the peril so that anyone spending time on their properties does not suffer.

Wet surfaces

Slippery floors are a frequent culprit. Whether due to old plumbing or drinking while in motion, spills and leaks significantly increase the likelihood of someone losing their footing. Regular building maintenance, prompt cleanup and warning signs help lower the odds of cracking one’s skull.

Uneven ground

Broken flooring and irregular surfaces can be dangerous. Even a tiny misstep under such circumstances could lead to a painful fracture. Conscientious parties perform regular inspections and work to eliminate the possibility of any danger.

Inadequate lighting

Darkness can also contribute to unsafe conditions. When individuals cannot see where they are going, the odds of stepping into a hole or bumping into a wall are higher. Strategic illumination, both indoors and outdoors, plays a significant role in preventing tumbles.

Cluttered pathways

Junk on the ground remains another area of concern. Significantly, 5% of falls come from tripping over an unseen object. Construction materials, bikes and toys left in walkways can be hazardous. Maintaining clear paths is one way of helping reduce the number of fall-related injuries.

Slip-and-fall mishaps are often traumatic, but the good news is they are avoidable. Proactive measures lessen the problem, creating a world where everyone can feel more comfortable walking from one place to the next.