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How to tell your kids you and your spouse are divorcing

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Divorce

If you plan to divorce and have children with your spouse, you will need to make them aware of the upcoming life change. The way you discuss the end of your marriage can impact your kids, so think it through before sharing the news.

Here are three tips for breaking the news to your children.

1. Make a Plan

Put thought into how and when you will tell your kids that you plan to divorce. Make sure everyone is home and break the news gently. Wait for a moment when there is ample time to discuss your plans and what life will look like going forward. Refrain from simply blurting out that your marriage is over in a bout of anger.

2. Stick Together

Remember that you are your soon-to-be-ex will always be parents to your shared children. Plan to tell your children as a united front, and then execute that agenda. Remind your kids that you will always be a family and that you will both continue to love them.

3. Allow Questions

Once you have told your family that you plan on divorcing, they may have numerous questions. Those could range from things such as whose fault the split is to where everyone will live. Do your best to stay patient and calm in answering their questions. Bear in mind that your children are young and cannot fathom this new reality.

Though it may prove difficult, you must plan for and discuss your upcoming divorce with your children as a unit with your spouse.