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Attorneys Defending Against Drug Charges in Lake County

Founded in 1956, the law firm of Soffietti, Johnson, Teegen, Argueta & Bawcum, LTD has a long history of representing people in Lake County facing charges for drug crimes and other related offenses. With four former State Attorneys on our team, we offer a unique combination of experience and insight to your case that helps prepare a strong defense on your behalf.

Are you facing felony or misdemeanor drug charges? Even a first offense can result in jail time if you are convicted. Call our Waukegan defense lawyers at 1-888-351-2429 for help with your case.

We can defend you against all types of drug crimes, including, but not limited to:

  • Marijuana possession and cultivation
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Distribution and trafficking
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • Sale of drugs to a minor
  • Conspiracy

Protecting Your Rights. Minimizing Consequences.

Our attorneys look at all possible defenses to minimize serious consequences. Doing this involves thoroughly evaluating your situation for opportunities to challenge the prosecution's case. If the police violated your search and seizure rights, we may be able to get the evidence dismissed. We may also be able to negotiate a deal that reduces your charge or minimizes your sentence following a conviction. We know the law, and we are committed to achieving a favorable outcome.

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Are you facing charges for a drug crime? Contact the law offices of Soffietti, Johnson, Teegen, Argueta & Bawcum, LTD at 1-888-351-2429 to discuss your rights and defense options.

We have an office in Fox Lake, Illinois, and our Waukegan office is located across from the courthouse.

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