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New tool helps workers limit dangerous movements

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Research has found that 35% of injuries that occur in warehouses occur because workers don’t understand proper ergonomic practices. However, a company called Soter Analytics has created a product that Illinois warehouse workers can wear to help them learn more about their movements. The product is called SoterSpine, and employees wear it while performing tasks each day. If they are moving in a potentially unsafe manner, the device will beep or vibrate to get their attention.

One key benefit of using this product is that it allows each worker to develop a personalized safety plan. At one company where the product was used, there was a 55% reduction in manual handling injuries compared to the three years before employees started wearing it. According to the CEO of Soter Analytics, workers will be taught by the app how to make changes in how they move throughout the day.

He also said that there are no interactions between workers and managers, and the data that is collected is kept between the app and the employee who is using it. This allows for a positive learning experience for a worker that can provide greater insight into working safer. As the app is personalized, it can be used to help both men and women reduce their injury risk while on the job.

Those who are hurt while on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. People who find themselves in this position might benefit from having the assistance of an attorney during the filing process and at subsequent hearings in the event that the claim is disputed or denied.