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What are the most common forklift accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Many people in Illinois are employed in warehouses, and this line of work often involves operating and working around forklifts. Whether you are an employer or a worker, all of your staff need to be informed about the proper operation and safety procedures around forklift devices. 

While being aware of safety protocols is essential, it may not prepare you for every situation you will face on the floor. That is why you should know about the most common forklift accidents and how they occur, so you can foresee and prevent such situations before they happen. 

Tipover accidents 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration points out that tipover is one of the biggest hazards forklift drivers face. This happens most commonly when operating on an incline, making a sharp turn and when changing directions. 

Forklift operators should avoid turning on an incline. Tipovers also occur more easily when the forklift is moving at high speeds–a practice that should be avoided. When performing one of these maneuvers, forklift operators should use extra care, while those on the ground nearby should maintain extra distance if possible. 

Falling load accidents 

As a load is typically unsecured on a forklift, the risk of losing it all must be managed. Falling load accidents most commonly happen on an incline or when a collision occurs while turning or changing direction. 

A forklift with a load should never be driven forward down an incline. Even a small bump could knock a load completely loose, so it is a good idea to ensure the way is clear before transporting a large load.