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How can an interlock device help reinstate your driver’s license?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Traffic Offenses And DUI

A conviction for driving under the influence may result in suspension of driving privileges under state law.

The Illinois DUI Fact Book explains that you may have your driver’s license reinstated if you install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, or BAIID, on your vehicle.

What BAIID rules apply to a first-time DUI conviction?

State law suspends driving privileges for first-time DUI offenders. This suspension period lasts six months. However, if you install a BAIID on your vehicle, you may be eligible to drive under a monitoring device driving permit. This allows unlimited driving during the suspension period so long as you keep the BAIID installed. You must also have a camera that snaps a photo as the vehicle’s driver takes the breath test.

If you attempt to drive while under the influence or you tamper with the BAIID, the device will notify the Secretary of State’s office. It is a felony for drivers in the BAIID program to drive a vehicle not equipped with a device.

How can a BAIID allow repeat DUI offenders to regain driving privileges?

Repeat DUI offenders may be eligible for a restricted driving permit. Eligibility is subject to certain conditions, including installation of a BAIID.

Individuals with two or more alcohol-related incidents may only drive vehicles that have a BAIID. If you fall into this category, you must install a device on all vehicles registered in your name for at least five years.

Even if you have four or more DUI convictions, a BAIID may allow you to resume driving. A court may require that you install a device on all vehicles registered in your name for the balance of your driving lifetime. You may not drive any vehicles not equipped with a BAIID.

You are responsible for paying all installation, rental and monitoring fees associated with the interlock device program.