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Don’t let social media mistakes derail your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Divorce

Many people are guilty of oversharing on social media. While its normally an innocent indulgence with few consequences, this is not the case when the sharer is going through a divorce. In fact, the things you post on Facebook, Instagram and other social medial platforms during divorce can have a real and lasting impact on your legal rights.

A few social media mistakes you should avoid making during a divorce are:

  • Posting pictures of trips and new purchases: The financial aspects of divorce call for an accounting of all of your property and wealth. Your ex’s attorneys may use these posts to paint a picture of you as a spendthrift, or they may even claim this is evidence of hidden income. While you’re allowed to buy things during a divorce, you don’t want to give opposing counsel any more to work with than they already have.
  • Posting pictures and accounts of parties or dating: Once again, you’re allowed to have fun and move on with your life during a divorce, but certain things do not need to be public. This is especially important if you are engaged in a custody dispute and opposing counsel is looking for any evidence they can find to diminish your standing as a parent.
  • Failing to monitor your privacy settings: Have you checked lately to see who is able to view your posts? In a contentious divorce, friends and acquaintances sometimes “choose sides.” Someone in your social medial audience may be keeping a firm eye on your feed to catch you making a mistake.

If you’re not sure whether or not to post something on social media during divorce, a good rule of thumb is: When in doubt, don’t post. This issue can go both ways, of course. If you have concerns about your or your spouse’s social media posting during a divorce, speak with an experienced family law attorney who knows how these issues are likely to play out in court.