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How do medical professionals diagnose a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Personal Injury

Because of another driver’s negligence, you sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident recently. Do you know the full extent of the harm you suffered?

Mayo Clinic describes how medical professionals in Illinois diagnose spinal cord injuries. To get the compensation you deserve, you must have a full understanding of the medical costs resulting from your personal injury.

Computerized tomography scan

Physicians have an easier time spotting spinal abnormalities with a CT scan. The diagnostic method relies on cross-sectional images that provide a detailed image of your spinal discs, bones and spinal cord complications.


If you or your doctor suspects your spine suffered harm in the collision, expect to undergo X-rays. The images help pinpoint problems with your spine, fractures, tumors and spinal degeneration.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Using radio waves and a powerful magnetic field, MRI scans create computer images of your spine. Medical professionals may use the diagnostic test to check for blood clots, herniated discs, masses and anything else that may press on your spine.

Comprehensive neurological exam

A few days after your accident when your swelling (hopefully) subsides, your physician may recommend a comprehensive neurological exam. The test involves testing muscle strength and gauging your ability to feel pinpricks and gentle touches. This gives a better idea of the severity of spinal injuries you may have.

Car crash victims owe it to themselves to receive prompt and professional medical care after a collision, even if they feel fine. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals help you build your personal injury case and recover as much as possible.