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What is the cost of a Lake County DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Traffic Offenses And DUI

Losing time at work due to jail or community service requirements after a driving under the influence conviction often leads to substantial financial losses. However, these may only be the tip of the ice burg in terms of the financial expense of drunk driving charges.

Understanding the potential costs of a DUI conviction or guilty plea may help inform how you choose to proceed after an arrest for suspected drunk driving.

Legal fees and court costs

According to the Illinois secretary of state, DUI charges commonly lead to legal fees and court costs, which may total in the thousands of dollars. Depending on various factors, you may owe up to $2,000 for an uncontested plea and a hardship driving permit. The court may fine you up to $2,500, as well as charge you $750 for court costs, $100 for the Trauma Center Fund, and $250 in law enforcement reimbursement and towing fees.

Insurance hikes

Due to a drunk driving conviction or plea, you will likely require high-risk insurance coverage for at least three years. As such, you may pay up to an additional $2,000 per year.

Rehabilitation and license reinstatement

If the court sees fit to order your participation in substance abuse classes or counseling, you bear the costs for these services. Generally, DUI rehabilitation costs about $300. After your driver’s license suspension period ends, you must pay to have your license reinstated. In addition to a $50 fee for a formal hearing, you must also pay a $500 reinstatement fee and a new license fee of $30.

A drunk driving arrest may send your life down a path you never expected. However, creating a strong defense may help you mitigate the potential consequences on your present, and your future.