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Latest report on Illinois job-related illnesses and injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released information detailing nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported for Illinois during 2020. The website noted that employees in the education and health services industry ranked highest in reported cases. The sector also ranked highest in the number of days lost from work to recover.

The trade, transportation and utility sectors also showed a high number of employees taking time off to recover from workplace issues. Some employers placed restrictions on a worker’s duties after reporting a job-related injury.

On-the-job injuries often require time away from work

As reported by the National Safety Council, exposure to harmful environments or substances ranked as the top cause of time off in the U.S. during 2020. Exposure to radiation, electricity or extreme temperatures caused a range of workers to experience harm. Employees typically needed 13 days off to recover in cases of toxic exposure.

Job tasks requiring excessive physical force may cause overexertion and also require time off. Repetitive motions such as bending or pulling place a strain on the body and could lead to long-term injuries. The NSC noted that employees typically needed 14 days off to recover from overexertion.

Workers’ compensation benefits could provide relief

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers to carry insurance covering workplace accidents and illnesses. Employees may file a claim for benefits if they experience harm related to their job duties. When workers begin experiencing symptoms of an illness or an injury, seeking medical care may help prevent a condition from developing into a severe disability.

Illinois requires employers to provide relief from workplace accidents and illnesses even when their employees did not exercise proper care and caution while performing their jobs. Workers’ comp benefits could help an affected employee obtain treatment, rehabilitation and financial support.