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What are some signs of brain trauma after an accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

A serious personal injury can leave you struggling to complete daily tasks, like going to work or driving. Although you may not realize it immediately after an accident, there are many ways that brain trauma can manifest.

Knowing more about the subtle signs of this health issue can help you take steps to get medical help.

Mental fogginess

According to the Mayo Clinic, suffering from intense and continual headaches after a head injury can make it hard to concentrate. Replies that people say may not make sense, and friends or family may not be able to understand what you are saying back. Although you may not detect the change in yourself, other people may notice it and comment about it.

This kind of fogginess can last for longer than a few days. You may feel overwhelmed or exhausted more often than you did before the accident.

Odd physical symptoms

Throwing up multiple times or continually feeling a sense of underlying nausea can leave you drained. These signs, along with multiple nights of bad or little sleep, can come from brain trauma. You could also struggle to wake up at the proper time in the morning and have moments where you lose consciousness without warning.

Changing speech habits

While it is normal to have a little bit of tiredness after a crash or accident, if you find yourself slurring your words or unable to speak clearly, then it may be a sign of a worse injury.

If you are experiencing a variety of these signs, including an odd substance coming from your nose or ears, then you may need to look into medical care for a traumatic brain injury.