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4 types of documents to gather when preparing for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Divorce

When you begin considering divorce, there are several types of documents you should gather before filing.

Collecting this information before filing for divorce will make the process less stressful. Having this information will also benefit you in going forward after your divorce.

1. All banking information

Gather statements for the past few years for all checking and savings accounts. Both individual accounts as well as joint accounts you share with your spouse.

2. Proof of income

Be prepared to provide tax returns for the past five years. Collect pay stubs and any other record of income for both yourself and your spouse.

3. All other assets and debts

Information regarding your individual assets as well as your joint assets with your partner will be helpful. This includes information about stock, all insurances, retirement benefits, real estate and vehicles. You should also provide information regarding individual and joint debt. This will give the court a clear and accurate picture of your finances.

4. Documents regarding your children

If you have children, gather information about regular expenses for them. Things like school tuition, recurring medical costs, sports fees or other recreational activities. These costs will come into play when determining child support.

While you are in the process of gathering this information to prepare for divorce, gather all legal documents you will need to update once your divorce is final. You will likely want to remove your spouse from documents like your will and medical power of attorney and name new people in their place.