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Fatigue increases the odds of a workplace injury

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace accidents can occur for a host of reasons, from inexperience to intoxication, dangerous equipment and bad weather. However, it is vital to understand the dangers associated with fatigue. If you feel tired while working, this could significantly increase the chances of you becoming involved in a workplace accident.

In addition to recognizing the risks that come with fatigue, it is also important to look over the different reasons why workers experience fatigue in the first place.

Ways in which workers become fatigued

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration covers some of the risk factors associated with worker fatigue. You could struggle with fatigue due to poor sleep, whether you have a chronic sleep disorder or experience a single night of poor sleep. A difficult shift and working for long periods of time can result in fatigue. Additionally, you might feel unusually tired while trying to adjust to a new schedule or as a result of irregular shifts.

Worker fatigue and the risk of an injury

OSHA says that worker fatigue makes the likelihood of a workplace injury or illness go up. According to research, working for 12 hours per day increases the risk of a job-related injury by 37%. Furthermore, research shows that work-related injuries and accidents occur 30% more often at night and 18% more frequently in the evening.

If you suffered an injury at work because of fatigue or any other factor, try to determine if you are eligible for benefits that assist in recovery, such as workers’ compensation.